Streaming XR

We offer a complete package of services in the field of (streaming) XR. XR stands for Extended Reality and is the umbrella name under which all immersive technologies such as AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality) and MR (mixed reality) fall. With this XR technology, virtual 3D environments are created that completely merge with the real-life setting, allowing you to place something or someone in any setting.


The basis for this are LED walls and in the studio in Utrecht also a LED floor in which the non-fiction part is located (people and actual props). The 3D environment created by us is, as it were, ‘projected’ onto the LED system. Everything that falls outside the LED system is therefore virtual or extended reality. A lot is possible in this 3D world. By tracking the position of the cameras, the perspective of what the viewer sees changes along with it, placing him or her really in this three-dimensional space. 


We offer the option of making a broadcast fully interactive. We project guests of the event live on camera in the studio and you can talk to them live. In addition, we offer all guests the opportunity to participate using their own camera. These images are displayed live. This increases the feeling of participating in the event together.


In our studio, we adhere to governement guidelines regarding personal safety. In addition, your (personal) data is safe with us. Our servers are located in the European Union, which means that we are bound by the European guidelines with regard to privacy and data security.

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