step 1


First of all, one of our consultants will map out your wishes and goals during a personal meeting. The consultant will also inform you about all the possibilities of the studio. Based on this, it is examined which options of the studio are best suited to this.

step 2

The plan

We complete the menu on which we indicate which deployment of hardware, crew and facilities are required to achieve the desired result. A suitable offer follows from this. If agreed, we proceed to step 3.

step 3

The preparation

Your consultant will guide you and possibly your team during the preparation phase for the event so that all matters are delivered on time and/or tailor-made for you. Think of leaders and bumpers, videos and presentations.

step 4

The test

Your chosen or designed 3D design, presentations, videos and everything agreed in step 3 are loaded into the servers.

step 5

We go live


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